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Gather Safely with these Rental Tips & Tricks

2020-09-17 | By PEAK Team

There’s a lot to think about when planning an event—whether it’s a wedding, graduation party, gala or birthday—no matter when it falls on the calendar. Add in a global pandemic and you’ve got a whole other layer of moving parts and safety measures to consider.

Must-Have Micro-Event Trends

2020-07-23 | By PEAK Team

Hosting a micro-event this season? Create an unforgettable, socially distanced celebration by incorporating these ideas:

The Top Five Things to Know When Renting a Tent

2020-07-14 | By PEAK Team

Need to relocate your upcoming wedding or event this season? Why not host your gathering beneath a tent? From our spacious structure and frame tents, to swooping sailcloth and tension tents, we offer a variety of tent styles and customizable solutions so you can create ultimate venue.  If you're thinking of renting a tent, here's five things to keep in mind: 

Micro-gathering Lounge Packages

2020-07-02 | By PEAK Team

Give your guests a place to sit back and relax at your event while also adding a stylish design element with a luxurious lounge setup. Whether you're planning a wedding for 50 guests or a dinner party for ten, we can help you take the guesswork out of hosting your celebration with our curated lounge and

Micro-gathering Tabletop Packages

2020-06-24 | By PEAK Team

Whether you're planning a wedding for 50 guests, reimagining your wedding or baby shower, or planning a dinner party for ten, we are here to help you take the guesswork out of hosting your backyard bash.

Celebrate Your Graduates

2020-05-19 | By Kristen

Graduations may look a little different this year, but there are plenty of ways to host a memorable celebration. Whether you're a homeowner, school or caterer, we offer a variety of creative solutions, packages, branding opportunities and more.

Back to Back Bash

2020-05-12 | By PEAK Team

That age-old adage is true: you spend months and months planning for your big day and then, it’s over before you know it. While this year’s pandemic and subsequent event restrictions have certainly changed many couples’ plans to say “I do,” we believe now is the perfect opportunity to pivot your plans, ditch tradition and create an intimate celebration that can last all weekend long.

Restaurant Reopening Solutions: Create Outdoor Dining Space

2020-05-12 | By PEAK Team

With states starting to roll out phased restaurant reopening guidelines, it's more important than ever to maximize your dining space safely and efficiently.  Our customizable restaurant and dining hall tent solutions will allow you to increase your revenue and capacity while creating space for social distancing.  

Wedding Trend: Micro Weddings

2020-04-24 | By PEAK Team

Debating on whether to elope or pull out all the stops for a big bash? A micro-wedding might be the solution.  A micro-wedding is the perfect blend of modern meets traditional and is usually a celebration of 50 guests or less. 

Carry-Out Catering

2020-04-20 | By PEAK Team

Our catering partners are serving up delicious cuisine, available for carry-out and delivery. Check out what's on their menu and consider supporting these local businesses!


Fill the Fall #FilltheFall

2020-04-02 | By PEAK Team

The event industry has been heavily impacted by this unprecedented situation, and we are all experiencing a number of events originally scheduled for March, April & May, reschedule to dates throughout the summer, fall and winter months.

Tented Venue Solutions

2020-03-31 | By PEAK Team

Whether you're looking for creative ways to coordinate venue re-bookings (and avoid cancellations), or the opportunity for potential new revenue streams, we have tented solutions to help you maximize your event space.