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Notes from Our Clients

"Bottom line, the PEAK team across ALL categories killed it!! Please pass this e-mail along to everyone!! 

Zach – He is such a pleasure to have as a lead. He communicated with us throughout the whole weekend in terms of timeline and was able to assist in any situations that came up. He also was able to lead his team to great successes in the build (we were a day ahead of our timeline) and that was MAJOR. We give him major kudos to the success of the tent. He also jumped in on situations at any point for anything we needed, even if it wasn’t directly related to him. Total team player.

Wayne – Another great key player to have on-site!!!!! He and Zach worked in tandem to execute absolute greatness.

Walt – The king of flooring , he was also on his A game and executed an extremely smooth production. What a pleasure it was to have him there.

Nick and the Boyzzz – THEY WERE AMAZING!! As you know we moved multiple furniture pieces throughout the weekend. They were HUGE in making that go smoothly. They had the best attitudes and did whatever we needed to get done. I would take them with me to every project if I could.

Dave & Tarryn, thank you for everything you did to make this happen. What a great partnership we have with PEAK and you all.

Looking forward to working again soon!"

Hara Aoki-Saffer Production Manager, Rafanelli Events

"I wanted to reach out to let you know how OUTSTANDING the customer service was from Peak when they delivered on Saturday.  Bill “The Hammer” and Alexi were absolutely a Godsend in helping us prep for the event.  I would personally like to request that they now deliver for all events that Entercom Boston does with PEAK.  Their customer service, help, and outstanding attitudes have certainly made me feel confident in continuing to do business with Peak Event Services.  
They not only delivered the stuff on top and without complaint, they also help set up different pieces of the delivery items, and then went back and added additional drapes to every pipe and drape that my team had done.  They paid so much attention to detail that they went in and fixed all the pipe and drape that my team put on backwards.  When they were done, they also asked if there was anything else they could possibly do to help.

I can’t thank Bill & Alexi enough for their help.  They were beyond outstanding and checked in with me throughout the morning."

 Erica Perry Events Manager, Entercom Boston



"OH MY GOODNESS! Happiest Groundbreaking Day!  I cannot thank you enough for your AMAZING patience and collaboration through this program! It was a massive success and your beautiful tent was flashed across thousands of TV screens across this fine city!

It honestly was so beautiful and the absolute right call for sure, I am truly so thankful to you and your team! It ALL paid off and left us with a very happy client!"

Mai Miller, Event Manager DPI Events

"Megan has been my EECapeCod assistant for the past four years so her wedding weekend experience was paramount as her employer/mentor.  We have seen and executed SO many events that it becomes difficult to “exceed expectations” weekend after weekend, season after season!  I was completely impressed by everyone’s investment in Megan’s happiness each step of the way, from the beginning planning stages upon her engagement in Sept 2016 thru her New Years’ Eve wedding this past weekend!

It was the thoughtful details and execution each of you contributed that made the difference between a great wedding experience and an extraordinary wedding experience.  As an event professional, I know firsthand the workload that goes into executing “effortless” events and from all accounts, the entire weekend was sheer perfection.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Most of you will chuckle when I admit that I am an overly OCD person - which goes with the territory - haha - and I literally couldn’t find a single thing to “fix”.  I mean, it would have been a little nicer if we didn’t have to break down in a 2 degree snow squall but seriously, the event was PERFECTION all around!"

Allison Owner & Principal Planner Elegant Engagements of Cape Cod


"Dave, I am just coming up for air after last week, and wanted to be sure to send you a HUGE thanks for all your work, time, energy, support on The Winter Walk.  The event simply can't happen without your amazing help.  And the Peak team was incredible, everything seemed to happen seamlessly.  Please share my thanks with everyone there.

The event was a big success, we doubled attendance and had a great walk even in the pouring rain.

Again, thank you so much for rolling with all the punches and being so awesome.  I look forward to next year, and hope my team can keep getting better at all this so you can keep doing your awesome work!"

Ari Barbanell Executive Director, Winter Walk

"I wanted to take a moment to send along a very sincere thank you for all of the hard work and efforts from PEAK in NH last week/weekend!!

Ben and I cannot imagine the wedding being more perfect. We had a solid service plan and delicious food but the collaboration with PEAK helped us do our best and everyone should be proud!

Dave - the tents/lighting etc. were beautiful! I can't imagine the logistics that went into setting up but we appreciate you and your team! When I arrived onsite Friday morning - it was perfect!

Barbara and Megan - you ladies are outstanding. Everything was organized exactly how I needed it to be and every single item on my order was there! Thank you for your communication and coordination! You two have always been my PPC/PEAK people and I am always grateful for how well you take care of me and our Saltbox events! Hugs!

Billy - I could not have been more lucky to have you onsite and on our team. Thank you for your call on Friday before I arrived onsite, for your readiness to always help troubleshoot - I cannot imagine the event without your support, you have gone way farm above and beyond!"

Meg, Saltbox Kitchen

"1000x THANK YOU to you and your entire team, for all of the assistance in pulling together our order ASAP yesterday. Everything ended up happening without a hitch, and it wouldn't have been possible without your rock-star team. I literally didn't even know that (7!) orders for 250 guests could be put together so quickly, but somehow you made it work.

I am still in awe of how seamlessly you all pulled that off. You guys are awesome."

Deborah, Forklift Catering

The March 24th Community Dinner was a great success.  The fund-raiser has become a popular Roslindale/West Roxbury neighborhood event that many look forward to supporting.  In addition to the “regulars” who support us year after year, we had more 30 and 40 year old participants then in the past - a trend we encourage and hope will continue.

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and continued support over many years.  There is no doubt in my mind that the atmosphere created by your donation of the linens and the significance of your contribution both add enormously to the success of the fund-raiser.

WRFORP Board members thank you for your friendship and support and recognize the importance of your gift to our mission of supporting programs at Rosie’s Place, the Roslindale Food Pantry and sending homeless and poor children to camp.

With appreciation,